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Do you like to eat fish, but hate the bones? Kurt Sherrill from Saint James, Missouri has a patented device that cuts, or scores, the bones in fish. After scoring the fish in this fashion, the bones now will fry out when the fish is deep fried.

These fishscorers are of steel construction, with the exception of the base and work on a sliding action. Each unit weighs approximately 45 lbs; this keeps the scorer from sliding around while in use. There are two models to choose from, a 3/16" and a 1/8" cuts. These lengths are the distance between the blades that will score the fish. Both models have a cutting length of approximately 8 1/2" and approximately 1" thick.

Both sell for $375.00 each.

Orders can be placed using the available form or by calling Kurt at 573-263-1342.
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